Work Management

Manage Work Between Front-Line Workers and Back-Office Staff

  • Operations gains visibility into the status of work orders (e.g. parts on order, scheduler information needs, etc.)
  • Easily schedule a large volume of tasks for the field
  • System works offline
  • Assign priority to tasks to keep organized and complete the most pressing orders first
  • Understand exactly how much time operations are spending at each well and why they are there with detailed notes
  • Start of day email sent to schedulers to see remaining tasks
  • End of day email sent to schedulers to see what was completed that day
  • Ability to attach pictures for better visibility into what the field is seeing
  • Increase operator well count by reducing paperwork
  • Real-time accrual and cost reporting
  • Reconcile tickets with vendors
  • Real time scale, LACT and water injection integration