Achieve Corporate Standardization with Pre-Built and Custom Forms

  • Flexible scheduling of forms (monthly, yearly, bi-weekly, etc.)
  • Quick filters for operations to see what forms are coming due next
  • Exception reporting to quickly see which inspections are requiring further work (e.g. easily see which tanks in your company require a new ground cable)
  • All operations can now see what needs to be completed (no more relying on that one person who knows what needs to be done next)
  • Works offline in remote locations.
  • Choose from a selection of over 65 forms including suspended wells, tank inspections, pigging, batching, chemical tracking, car seal, pressure switch inspection and many more
  • Also use your company specific forms
  • Easy reporting on form progress for KPIs (e.g. configure reports to send every Monday with your regulatory progress for the month)
  • GPS-enabled to give you the option to only see the forms required for the site you are at
  • Electronic logbook to enable visibility across discipline – instead of being stuck at a paper logbook on site
  • Daily logbook reports and weekly cross shift reports are sent to cut down on communication time and potential missed communication
  • Recording over 100,000 forms per month